Boston Parking Spaces for Sale & Rent

Boston parking spots have grown in popularity, both for ownership and investment purposes, the Stuart St James team has helped Boston residents and investors alike buy and sell the perfect Boston parking space. How much does it cost to buy a parking spot in Boston? see exactly what parking spots are available for sale right now.

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Boston parking spots have been on a meteoric rise in value.  With the population rising in Boston, and there becoming less and less areas to find a parking space, to have a deeded parking space you can call your own has meant convenience and peace of mind coupled with the economic indicators of supply and demand in your favor.  

Interest in parking spaces for Boston residents seems to peak in the winter months when snow and ice pose a tremendous hassle for car owners (especially interest in Boston garage parking spaces for sale).  

For residents and non-residents alike, using a Boston parking space as an investment has also increased in popularity ever since the great recession of 2007 when investors began looking for reliable cash flow steady investments that were increasingly harder to come by in the traditional capital markets.  

Boston Parking Spots Currently for Sale

Can You Buy a Parking Spot in Boston?

Can you buy a parking spot in Boston? If you're looking to own a piece of Boston for under $150,000, purchasing a deeded parking space in the city is your best bet. The majority of deeded resale Boston parking spots are clustered within the Back Bay and the South End. If you are tired of renting a spot, and want to add to the total value of your existing Boston home, deeded parking spots may be right for you.

For more information about Boston parking spaces currently listed for sale, or to sell a parking you own, contact us.