Next-Generation Real Estate Marketing Partnerships

Fundamentally different than other real estate brokerages, Stuart St James creates real estate industry partnerships to bring the very best real estate agent tools and products to our Massachusetts real estate agents at exclusive prices agents can't get on their own, giving our agents a done-for-you competitive advantage.

#1 Rated Real Estate Marketing Solution AgentFire Powers Our Real Estate Websites

AgentFire powers our corporate real estate website as well as our Core + IDX real estate agent tech stack package and helps Massachusetts real estate agents dominate their hyper-local niche markets.  (Partnership Announcement Press Release)

AgentFire is the best hyper-local real estate marketing solution for Massachusetts real estate agents

Stuart St James takes a best-of-breed approach to its real estate tech stack for agents and standardized both its corporate website and the optional tech stack upgrades available to Stuart St James agents on the WordPress-based AgentFire platform.

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Showcase IDX is Our Exclusive IDX Partner

Powering our corporate tech stack as well as our real estate agent tech stack, Showcase IDX helps Stuart St James and its real estate agents generate leads, improve their hyper-local niche websites, and stand out in the crowd of 60,000+ licensed real estate agents in Massachusetts. (Partnership Announcement Press Release)

Showcase IDX is the best IDX plugin for WordPress-powered websites and a lead generation machine

If you do the research that we did on the best IDX solution to power your website, you'll discover that Showcase IDX is known for powering agent websites that drive large amounts of organic traffic through their proprietary IDX engine and for retaining up to 8.5x more clients than other home search options.

Learn More Makes Us Data-Driven Real Estate Agents Able to Predict 70% of New Listings data allows our agents to harness the power of data to become data-driven real estate agents in Massachusetts, capable of predicting 70% of new listings before they come to the market, allowing our agents to be “first in the door” and drastically lower their marketing spend. is the secret weapon that allows our agents to predict the future and save a ton of money on marketing

The and Stuart St James partnership unlocks exclusive prices for our agents that gives them a leg up on the competition. Imagine when you predict 70% of all new listings in your terriotry and only market to homeowners who are going to sell. As a data-driven real estate agent, you not only become “first in the door” but also dramatically increase the efficiency of your marketing spend - stop wasting money on direct mail to an audience who will take no action with you.

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