Real Estate Agent Technology Stack for Lead Generation & Hyper-Local Niche Web Presence

Stuart St James Best-of-Breed Tech Stacks Get Our Agents MORE Leads & Closed Deals

Real estate agents at Stuart St James have access to best-of-breed real estate agent tech stacks at exclusive prices to generate buyer and seller real estate leads and have their own personal modern hyper-local web presence with MLS IDX integration.

 Stuart St James is proud to partner with AgentFire, the #1 rated real estate marketing solution, to power our prescribed real estate agent tech stack. AgentFire helps real estate agents stand out with hyper-local Spark Sites, fully hosted and done-for-you technology we trust because we use it oursleves, along with IDX integration from our exclusive IDX integration partner, Showcase IDX.


AgentFire Website

Get the #1 rated real estate website, INCLUDES ShowcaseIDX and seamless done-for-you tech you'll love!
Learn Why Stuart St James is a Proud AgentFire User

SSJ is proud to partner with AgentFire - whose highly scalable real estate websites and marketing solutions have earned them the highest overall rating of any website solution for multiple years running!

With AgentFire, you’re getting fully-hosted done-for-you technology that can be scaled to meet your exact needs.

Included with your Spark Site is Showcase IDX - which boasts an over 95% Consumer Retention Ratio and 91% SEO VALUE (compared to the next highest at just 62% and 59% respectively).

You're on an AgentFire website right now, Stuart St James exclusively uses AgentFire to power our corporate real estate website.

If a real estate technology stack is helpful to you and your real estate business, we offer compelling options. If done-for-you technology is not necessary and you want a completely independent self-service real estate technology stack, we offer tested and proven guidance there too. And if diversifying your real estate lead generation strategy and drastically lowering effective cost per lead or having a personal hyper-local web presence aligned to your niche that you own and control is not material to your business at all, that’s fine too!

Regardless of what path you select, if you plan to have a website, you need a domain name. We recommend Hover as our domain name registration platform of choice. Hover makes it easy to find the perfect domain name for real estate agents because they comprehensively list all top-level domain (TLD) extensions (i.e. .com, .estate, etc.) along with suggestions, private registration is free, and Hover doesn’t overwhelm you with endless upsell and cross-sell offers during checkout.

Instead of pushing mandatory fees or shame-on-you commission splits and justifying them by provisioning lame outdated technology, Stuart St James makes best-of-breed real estate agent technology stacks optionally available to real estate agents at prices not available on your own.

Real Estate Tech Every Agent Needs

The bare minimum must-have real estate agent tech tools for agents focused on creating modern and evergreen real estate lead funnels, building a steady stream of real estate lead pipeline, lowering cost per real estate lead, and closing deals include:

  1.  A robust hyper-local website with IDX integration you own and don’t rent from your broker 
  2. Buyer and seller lead generation and lead capture funnel capabilities 
  3. A CRM system to see and control your leads and follow their activity that does not abdicate the responsibility to a third-party like Zillow who will sell your client's information and potentially displace you as the agent of record 
  4. Automation to engage, nurture, and follow up with leads in a personalized way, at scale

If you’re an agent at Stuart St James, we’ll guide you to optionally available curated tech stack packages available at prices you cannot achieve as an individual agent, or, give you tested and proven guidance on how to go down a completely independent self-service path (which is fine too).

Either way, you as the agent own your web presence, if you go with Core + IDX and decide to leave Stuart St James at some point, we would support that transition and you could seamlessly take over monthly payments to AgentFire directly and not lose any data, nothing will be held “hostage” – in that scenario, you would assume MSRP pricing from AgentFire of course and no longer be able to unlock the price savings Stuart St James passes onto you.


Why Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website (Not a Rental)

As a real estate agent, have you ever asked yourself, “Do I really need my own real estate website?”

Yes, if you’re a real estate agent who wants to create your own pipeline of leads and close deals, you need your own website that you control!

Solely relying on your brokerage or a third-party platform like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to market yourself is short-sighted and potentially dangerous – never build a business entirely dependent on someone else’s platform.

If you can’t market yourself online or demonstrate the basic technical know-how to have a polished website stood up (even if you have it done for you), how are tech-savvy buyers and sellers who begin everything they do today online going to entrust you to help them? How will they even know you exist?

And while having a presence on social media websites and your brokerage’s website is fantastic and should absolutely be part of a larger real estate agent web presence strategy, you don’t own those profiles and infrastructure, you rent them.

You absolutely must have your own personal mothership on the web, something that you own and control.

Stuart St James supports agents and wants to eliminate you ever worrying about things like:

  • My broker holds the content I created hostage so I can’t leave 
  • I can’t add a retargeting pixel to my real estate website 
  • My brokerage gave my leads to other real estate agents 
  • No one can find my real estate website on Google 
  • The webpage I have with my brokerage doesn’t offer SSL 
  • My brokerage doesn’t have a website backup strategy, they “lost” all the content I created and all my leads

If you have your own personal real estate agent website you own and control, you don’t have to waste a single moment thinking about these things and can focus your time, effort, and attention on production..

Studies show 86% of homeowners do two weeks of online research before selecting a real estate agent with whom to work, if you’re a real estate agent running your business like a business, you know there’s a massive opportunity cost in running your business without owning (not renting) a personal website.


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