Stuart St James & Opcity Launch Exclusive Massachusetts Real Estate Leads Partnership

Opcity Massachusetts Real Estate Leads

I’m thrilled to announce Stuart St James has established a strategic partnership with Opcity, the #1 online real estate leads buyer in the country.

The partnership unlocks access to Opcity’s exclusive real estate lead generation program for Stuart St James agents, giving each Stuart St James agent instant access to their own pipeline of pre-qualified live-transferred leads at no upfront cost even if just starting in the real estate business.

Since the partnership launch, Opcity was acquired by, while the name has changed the pre-screened real estate leads at no upfront cost service has not changed.  With ReadyConnect Concierge (previously known as Opcity for brokers and agents), Stuart St James agents can meet leads in real-time via a three-way phone transfer. 

Massachusetts Opcity Stuart St James Real Estate Leads Partnership

If you’re not familiar with Opcity, they connect real estate agents with pre-screened home buyer and seller leads via a live phone transfer. Leads are provided to agents at no upfront cost.  Opcity is the largest purchaser of online real estate leads in the country. Opcity has 350+ inside sales associates who call 90% of their leads in 4 seconds. They are the #1 lead buyer in the United States (recently surpassing Realogy) and the leads they pass to agents convert at 9-15x the real estate industry average (wow!).

For awareness, in 2018, Move Inc., operator of, acquired Opcity for $210M.  Opcity is now called ReadyConnect Concierge, yet it’s the same prescreened lead gen service with just a new name.

If an online lead isn’t contacted within 5 minutes of inquiry, studies show chances of a successful close drop by 400%. That sure puts an exclamation point on the 4-second speed it takes Opcity to call leads back.

Opcity calls new online leads within 4 seconds, screening for intent to buy or sell, price point, and desired location. When the customer is ready to speak to an agent, Opcity broadcasts the lead across its app, and the first agent to claim the lead in the app is introduced as the exclusive agent via a 3-way call.

Opcity Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage

Optional participation in the Opcity real estate lead generation program is extremely exclusive and a privilege I’m so very happy to extend to real estate agents at Stuart St James.  Opcity has opened up real estate leads with no upfront cost to agents across the entire state of Massachusetts.

While there’s no upfront cost to Opcity leads, Opcity collects a referral fee (anywhere from 30% – 38% depending on lead and transaction specifics) upon a referral deal closing, and Stuart St James collects a transaction fee on Opcity referral transactions of $497 for sales and $197 for rentals (if you’re on our Launch plan, you will not also incur the $97 transaction fee standard to that plan). 

Opcity Provides Turn-Key Online Lead Generation Program to Massachusetts Real Estate Agents

No Upfront Cost Real Estate Lead Generation

“Leads” is consistently one of the top things I’m asked about on a daily basis by Massachusetts real estate agents considering joining Stuart St James – it’s the same for newly licensed agents as well as experienced agents, leads are super important.

Naturally, when you begin to think about how to become a real estate agent, your mind immediately focuses on “how am I going to get my first clients?”, and for those who already have their real estate agent license, the focus is “how am I going to find my next client?”.

I hear questions from agents about real estate leads all the time:

  • Do you ever provide leads?
  • What do leads look like?
  • Do you pay for leads as an agent, or does the brokerage provide leads?

The combination of offering agents exclusive access to highly qualified Opcity real estate leads and the Stuart St James 100% commission model is undeniably compelling – both new and experienced real estate agents guarantee immediate deal flow and can maximize take-home pay.

And when I say immediate, I mean immediate.

Opcity really is a turn-key real estate lead generation program for agents and it’s immediately effective. Within minutes of securing a spot in the Opcity program for one of the agents on my team, they were accepting pre-qualified leads via live phone transfer and in one week on the platform, the same agent had established a transaction pipeline of more than $4,200,000 from Opcity leads and it’s growing every day.

How Opcity Works for Massachusetts Real Estate Agents

Opcity boasts a proven referral program where real estate agents get pre-screened real estate leads delivered to their mobile phone at no upfront cost – Opcity leads close at a rate 3-5x higher than the industry average.

  • Lead Generation: Opcity takes on the risk of lead generation. Opcity calls, filters, and follows up with leads to deliver qualified real estate leads
  • Talk to Live Clients: Opcity introduces clients to agents via a live phone transfer. The first agent to respond to Opcity’s mobile alert will receive the warm introduction over the phone
  • More Closings = Better Leads: Opcity targets high-performing agents. Agents who move Opcity clients from introduction to close will get access to higher volume and quality of leads in their market

How to Close Opcity Real Estate Referrals in Massachusetts

Stuart St James has really leaned into technology and efficiency through automation and modern tools with its deal closing process – this has made for a better agent experience on all deals our agents close, Opcity referrals included.

When closing an Opcity deal, Stuart St James agents simply visit as they would with any other closing and submit their deal information along with supporting documentation.  In addition to the documents we collect at closing that correspond to one of our streamlined transaction file checklists for each transaction type, Opcity mandates additional reporting requirements, so be prepared with the following for your Massachusetts Opcity real estate referral deals.

  • Answer “yes” to the question “Is this deal the result of an Opcity lead?”
  • Collect the Opcity Transaction ID via the Opcity Referral Manager
  • Note the Opcity Referral Fee from the Opcity Referral Manager (it will be between 30% and 38%)
  • Collect the MLS PIN Listing ID
  • Prepare to upload a PDF of the MLS PIN listing sheet (Opcity uses this file to cross-reference their referral fee due)