Michael Gilbert

Massachusetts Real Estate Agent

Boston MA Real Estate Top Producer

After my first sale in the North End in the early 2000s, I didn’t feel like a salesman. I felt like I was a consultant getting paid to give my thoughts on real estate. Those bar letters turned into condo letters and I was off and running trying to get my next sale and my next one. I wouldn’t have gotten my first sale without my previous 5 years of rental showings under my belt or the 6 months of observing my broker working with her clients. Over the next 4 years, my broker was my mentor. She taught me almost everything I know about real estate today. I wouldn’t be a career real estate agent without her passing her knowledge on to me. Did you know when my dad was becoming an electrician he had to apprentice for 4 years under another electrician before he could do electrical jobs by himself? Yet real estate agents can pass the exam and start working on their own at an agency immediately! Real estate is a trade. Experience is paramount. Team up with a mentor. It will accelerate your knowledge of the real estate industry. I am forever grateful for my mentor showing me what I needed to do to become a successful real estate agent.