Stuart St James Launches New Website

With the launch of the Stuart St James website, we’ve set out to create a real estate brokerage dedicated to service and fueled by technology. While Stuart St James, Inc. is a full service brokerage not unlike the countless brokerage houses that dot Newbury Street, make no mistake; this is not your father’s real estate shop. Search engine optimization to drive search engine result page rankings with integrity, intelligent search features that learn Buyers’ likes and dislikes in order to make more appropriate recommendations, and unparalleled access to the firm’s co-founders and brokers; this is what sets Stuart St James apart. Well, that and the desire to place both its clients and agents in the best possible position to succeed.

In the coming months the firm is poised to roll out a family of website brands, each dedicated to a greater Boston-area submarket, develop a smart phone app, and launch a signing bonus program for new agents. Check back often as we update you on these advancements in our growth path as well as information on market trends, new construction opportunities, and real estate in general.