2011 Broadluxe Boston Condo Sales Report

Condominium owners at the Broaduxe in Boston’s Financial District are enjoying significant appreciation on their 2008 investment.  We recently compiled a sales analysis of 2011 condominium sales at the Broadluxe, and the average sales price per square foot in the building represents significant appreciation from 2008 prices when units in the building were sold via auction. Get all the details on sold units by downloading the 2011 Broadluxe Condo Sales Report (PDF).

2011 represented the first year of true resale activity in the building.  With a track record of sales now established in the building itself, there is now a basis from which to establish market value estimates.  Given the average price per square foot in the building that’s been established, some unit owners that purchased at auction a little more than three years ago have enjoyed appreciation on their units in excess of $100,000, or in percentage terms, 19%.

Broadluxe is a 44-unit loft-style condominium development in the heart of Boston’s Financial District, the elevator building is served by a concierge and each unit is accompanied by a storage unit located in the basement of the building.  Currently, one unit in the development is Under Agreement, however, there are no other units currently available for sale.