Best 100% Commission Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage for Real Estate Agent Entrepreneurs

Imagine when you can say with 100% confidence you’re maximizing your income like a top real estate agent, working less, and living your best life.

Amir Sajjadi MA Real Estate Agent

Joining Stuart St James has changed my life for the better. I believe Stuart St James is the real deal for true entrepreneurs. With [a] responsive broker to help you in each step of the way if you need it without pressure. This is wonderful for people looking to grow their personal brand. I think this is the future of real estate in MA.

- Amir Sajjadi, MA Real Estate Agent

Helping entrepreneurial Massachusetts
real estate agents gain control

Stuart St James helps entrepreneurial Massachusetts real estate agents gain control, power, and authority over their real estate business so they can earn more commission income, work fewer hours, and live a better life. Unlike traditional real estate brokerages stuck in the past with dated processes and tools and shame-on-you commission splits Stuart St James leverages modern technology and automation while offering no-hassle no-nonsense 100% commission to agents

Shareen MA Real Estate Agent

Stuart St James is simply the best choice for experienced agents, as well as newer agents who crave a more entrepreneurial approach to real estate!

– Shareen, Real Estate Agent


Crush Your Real Estate Agent Income Goals With 100% Commission - Everything Is Possible!

Stuart St James is one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in Massachusetts. We offer an undeniably compelling opportunity to grow your business. Join the best 100% commission real estate brokerage for Massachusetts real estate agent entrepreneurs.

Is Stuart St James the Right Massachusetts Real Estate Agency for You?

Who is Stuart St James for?

Stuart St James offers both an undeniably compelling business model and unique value to five (5) audiences, and because we have each of these audiences on our growing team, we know each audience has its own needs:


Experienced agents & Top producers

You have an established brand, deal flow, don't need hand-holding, and crave the flexibility to scale your real estate bsuiness.

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Newly licensed real estate agents

Newly licensed real estate agents in Massachusetts get the practical training needed to close their first real estate transaction.


Part-time real estate agents

Can you be a part-time real estate agent with a full-time job in Massachusetts?  Yes, with Stuart St James, absolutely 100% - many of our team members are part-time agents. 


Real estate investor agents

Stuart St James is a real estate investor agent friendly brokerage in Massachusetts.


Real estate teams

Build and scale your team brand, not your brokerage.  Maximize bottom line profit and never let go of the five or six figures you give away each year to cap.

Stuart St James is a fit for both new and experienced Massachusetts real estate agents

Stuart St James is a fit for experienced Massachusetts real estate agents who are entrepreneurs running their own brand and business, have deal flow, don’t need training or transaction hand-holding support, are comfortable not having a physical office or a broker looking over their shoulder, and want to truly maximize take-home income for themselves as an individual contributor or leader of a real estate team.

Newly licensed real estate agents who are entrepreneurial, self-starting, and naturally curious have crushed it with Stuart St James.

Stuart St James offers brand new Massachusetts real estate agents (1) an unparalleled commission split, there is none, you unlock access to 100% commission immediately with no waiting period whatsoever and (2) alignment and a comfort level on full-time vs part-time (or less), practice as much or as little as you like, no awkward conversations or disappointment if you’re not closing deals, we promise. As a newly licensed real estate agent salesperson, you simply will not find this fully transparent, no-nonsense, no-hassle approach anywhere else – that’s what makes Stuart St James the best real estate brokerage for new agents. 

 Additionally, Stuart St James is a great fit for entrepreneurs who have and maintain their Massachusetts real estate salesperson license for personal reasons, are part-time real estate agents, or simply want to “hang my Massachusetts real estate license” with an honest and reasonable brokerage with a good reputation and avoid erroneous fees or being charged steep commissions when personally involved as a buyer or seller in a transaction or have a lot of real estate referral business. 

Stuart St James is a real estate investor agent friendly brokerage in Massachusetts - through organic growth, more than 30% of real estate agents at Stuart St James are Massachusetts real estate agent investors.

Who is Stuart St James NOT for?

Stuart St James is not designed for agents who must have a physical office, need rigorous training and/or significant transaction hand-holding or a lot of marketing support, or have a negative attitude.

The Best 100 Percent Commission Real Estate Agent Plan for Your Massachusetts Real Estate Business



Monthly Package


  • 100% Commission
  • $97 Transaction Fee
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • No Setup Fee


Monthly Package


  • 100% Commission
  • No Transaction Fee
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • No Setup Fee

What Do Real Estate Agents & Brokers Get at
Stuart St James?

Here’s a look at what we offer real estate agents:

100 Percent agent commission, forever

Earn 100 percent commission income on day one with Stuart St James and in perpetuity (never reset to something lower annually or otherwise, never waste another moment thinking about requalifying for a higher commission), and enjoy no “cap” system of any kind – that goes for both you as an individual agent, or, as a leader of a team at our brokerage. Compare the Stuart St James 100% commission brokerage income and fee structure to that of other Massachusetts real estate brokerages.

no-money (2)
No hidden or random fees

We do not burden agents with corporate brand fees, franchise fees, insurance fees, Stuart St James is a real estate brokerage with no desk fees, no technology fees, no virtual phone fees, nor any hidden fees when commission is disbursed. Further, everything is transparently shared on this page – for efficiency you’re not left guessing about anything and for integrity there are no fees, however small they might be, waiting to be disclosed only after you apply.

Real estate leads with no upfront cost

Stuart St James is an Opcity brokerage in Massachusetts and agents get immediate and exclusive access to highly qualified real estate leads at no upfront cost via our Massachusetts Opcity partnership.

Real estate marketing technology support

We offer compelling real estate agent tech stacks at exclusive prices you’re not able to achieve on your own that will help you (1) diversify your lead generation strategy and lower effective cost per lead and (2) launch a hyper-local web presence aligned to your brand and niche that you own and control. Optionally available if it makes sense for your real estate business.

email (1)
Professional email with a corporate domain name

Each Stuart St James agent receives complimentary access to professional email with a corporate domain name - forward to any personal email address, access it from any Internet-enabled device, and manage it standalone or inside an existing account with POP/IMAP support.

Practice full-time or part-time, really

Practice real estate truly at your own pace. There will not be a broker looking over your shoulder asking when your next deal will close. Work on your schedule and timeline – we will not in the future pull a bait and switch and voice disappointment or frustration you’re not closing more deals after telling us, in the beginning, you were going to practice real estate part-time.

Real estate training

Do you have anxiety around real estate contract flow, maybe a nagging feeling you’re not doing it “right”, or do you simply want to validate your process against a tested and proven formula? In response to requests and feedback from agents, we developed an on-demand online video real estate training course that walks you step-by-step through a real estate transaction from beginning to end. The course is ~ 1 hour of content across 7 modules of video (screen sharing) and audio accompanied by written content and links to supporting documents. It’s online, self-paced, and available to our agents 24/7.

Fast and efficient deal closing technology

We are the only brokerage in Massachusetts to develop a super simple transaction closing process using modern technology and automation which speeds processing of closed deals and gets agents paid faster, typically one (1) business day after gross commission deposit clears our business operating account.

Professionally designed real estate marketing flyer templates

Complimentary access to 20+ professionally designed real estate marketing templates and feature sheets you can easily customize and use for open houses, private showings, and direct mail.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance included

You will be covered by Stuart St James’ E&O insurance policy at no additional cost to you. This is just another way we make our agents’ lives easier, not burdening them with fees that add up.

Promulgated Massachusetts real estate forms

We provide a complete library of forms so you can do business with confidence, one set promulgated by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the other set promulgated by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR). 

home (4)
Stuart St James is a HUD Certified Principal Broker

In order to qualify to sell HUD homes, Associate Brokers and Selling Agents register on the HUD Homestore site using their personal real estate license number and their Principal Broker’s Name and Address Identification (NAID) Number. Stuart St James has a HUD-issued Principal Broker NAID which allows registered real estate agents on our team to show, advertise, and submit offers on HUD Homes. This has proven valuable to many of the real estate investor agents on the team

Monthly Recurring Passive Income Affiliate Program

Each Stuart St James agent is automatically enrolled in our Affiliate Program that gives real estate agents the opportunity to generate lifetime monthly recurring passive income affiliate commission in conjunction with agents who join Stuart St James based on your referral – learn more about our “industry-first” monthly recurring passive income real estate affiliate program.

Boston Massachusetts Virtual Real Estate Brokerage

How does a virtual real estate brokerage actually work? Stuart St James allows agents to leverage a virtual real estate office model – no required meetings or mandatory floor hours that produce little to no leads, or erroneous monthly charges for technology and equipment you don’t actually use.

A virtual real estate brokerage office model is perfect for real estate agents who are proactive, self-starting, and want to grow their own real estate agent career, brand, and business in an entrepreneurial manner.

While Stuart St James maintains a virtual office in downtown Boston, we expect our agents will be in the field at listing appointments and showings and/or meeting with clients at properties versus sitting behind a desk.


MA Real Estate Agent Salary

How Much Do Massachusetts Real Estate Agents Make?

Four major recruiting and salary insight platforms estimate the average Massachusetts real estate agent salary to range from $28,000 to $115,000 per year.

The vast majority of licensed real estate agents have below average salaries, which statistically speaking could be for a number of reasons. Yet, a Harvard study revealed something fascinating about compensation and crushing the average. 

  • 83% of participants in the study had no specific goal(s) 
  • The 14% that had specific (but unwritten) goals earned 300% more than the group without specific goals 
  • The 3% who had specific and written goals earned 1,000% more than the group without specific goals 

While correlation does not mean causation, writing down a specific goal for your real estate agent salary, even if you practice part-time, will set you up for success. Couple that goal with a formulaic and thoughtful prospecting plan, and if executed with discipline, you’ll easily crush the average.

If you’ve written down an annual income goal, plug it into the decades-old real estate agent success formula to gain clarity on how to achieve your goal – and don’t forget to play with the formula to see the massive impact commission split has on your annual income.

Which Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage Should I Join?

Questions to Ask When Choosing a 100 Percent Commission Real Estate Brokerage

No, there are no transaction minimums or quotas at Stuart St James and you will not be asked to leave if you haven’t closed a deal in x months. A broker will not look over your shoulder and eagerly ask you to forecast deal flow against your goals or ask when you will close your next deal – it should be evident gross commission as a result of closing a deal is immaterial to Stuart St James, as 100% of gross commission is passed to agents, save a relatively inconsequential transaction fee in our Launch plan (the Elevate plan has no transaction fees). Naturally, this level of flexibility and independence allows all agents, including part-time real estate agents, to build the real estate business they choose and practice real estate as much or as little as they want.

There’s no minimum term or commitment period when affiliating with Stuart St James.

The only document we electronically sign is the decades-old standard independent contractor agreement (ICA) promulgated by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB) with the fee schedule on our website as an exhibit – transparently available for your full review here (Launch plan PDF) and here (Elevate plan PDF).

Yes. As a Stuart St James agent, you will have immediate and exclusive access to highly qualified real estate leads in the markets you serve at no upfront cost via our optional Opcity lead generation partnership.

All earnest money deposits, along with additional Purchase & Sale Agreement (P&S) deposits, are held in escrow by your seller’s real estate attorney / closing attorney, not Stuart St James.

Gross commission is always made payable to Stuart St James and deposited by you, or wired by a closing attorney, into our business operating account (mailing of checks causes significant delays in processing and transferring your net commission). After submitting supporting transaction documentation and your gross commission deposit clears (which typically takes one business day), transfer of your net commission is immediate via two payment options of your choice (1) Direct Deposit (free) which takes two banking days or (2) wire transfer ($30 fee) which is most oftentimes same day.

No. Stuart St James does not charge agents different transaction fees for different priced properties. Many of our agents sell million dollar homes in Massachusetts, watch this million dollar MA real estate agent video interview.

No. Massachusetts decouples MLS access from Realtor status and there’s no requirement to join the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR), or the Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB) to affiliate with Stuart St James.

No, it’s not required – if you’re simply looking to hang your license and/or keep fees low, access and affiliation with a MLS is optional. Membership to New England’s largest MLS system, called MLS Property Information Network (MLS PIN), is optional and costs $126 per quarter.

Most definitely, 100%. Simply follow the professional standards of practice related to advertising (254:CMR 3:00:9) outlined by the government of Massachusetts.

Yes. When you join, you’ll be given (free) access to a complete library of forms, one set promulgated by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the other set promulgated by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR). You get both.

It’s a simple and straightforward process which can reasonably be accomplished in well under one (1) business day. We’ve automated nearly the entire process which has allowed us to eliminate a one-time agent setup fee. We electronically sign the ICA, you pay your first monthly agent fee, we provision you a G Suite account, file the necessary affiliation paperwork with the Board, and share a welcome email with you.

Stuart St James is a Massachusetts virtual real estate brokerage with agents all across Massachusetts. Residing in Boston is not a prerequisite to join – we even have multiple agents on the team licensed in Massachusetts yet who reside out of state. You do not need to come to Boston if and when you join, there’s no need to come to Boston and we won’t ask you to do so.

Yes, real estate agents at Stuart St James are given access to a full library of professionally designed real estate marketing templates easily customized for open houses, private showings, and direct mail.


Take Action and Create Positive Change for Your Real Estate Business

Stuart St James is one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in Massachusetts. We offer an undeniably compelling opportunity to grow your business. Join the best 100% commission real estate brokerage for Massachusetts real estate agent entrepreneurs.

Lauren Brown Boston Real Estate Agent

Stuart St. James is my fourth and final brokerage. I have been in real estate for nine years now and had wanted to work for myself for awhile but didn’t want to become my own LLC.

- Lauren Brown, Boston Real Estate Agent